El Huevo Y La Gallina

Giddyup Heeyaw 2020
Upholstery Padding, Oil Paint
3’ x 3’

Radiesthesia Points Out Kinred Souls To Me
Oil Paint, Canvas
5’ x 7’

Hielocos Security Party
9 Hielocos Toys

Nesting Chair
Antique Chair, Epoxy, Acrylic Nails, Wilson Sock, Eggs, Dye, Jute Scraps

Glass, Pearls, Plaster, Oil, Lemons

Ants On A Log
Oil Paint, Canvas, Antique Chandelier Crystals, Antique Upholtery Silk
5’ x 6’

Dog y Dog Bowl
Tile, Epoxy, Pearl, Glass Bowl, Egg

Wood, Lasagna, Rope, Antique Chandelier Crystals, Chairs, Ceramic Plates

Happy Holidays From Our Family To Yours :)
Antique Glass Box, Glass Blown Animals, Putty