El Huevo Y La Gallina

Giddyup Heeyaw 2020
Upholstery Padding, Oil Paint
3’ x 3’

Radiesthesia Points Out Kinred Souls To Me
Oil Paint, Canvas
5’ x 7’

Ants On A Log
Oil Paint, Canvas, Antique Chandelier Crystals, Antique Upholtery Silk
5’ x 6’

Dog y Dog Bowl
Tile, Epoxy, Pearl, Glass Bowl, Egg

Happy Holidays From Our Family To Yours :)
Antique Glass Box, Glass Blown Animals, Putty

Hielocos Security Party
9 Hielocos Toys

Glass, Pearls, Plaster, Oil, Lemons

Nesting Chair
Antique Chair, Epoxy, Acrylic Nails, Wilson Sock, Eggs, Dye, Jute Scraps

Raft Supper
Wood, Lasagna, Rope, Antique Chandelier Crystals, Chairs, Ceramic Plates